High performance

High performance

Takamaka is a protocol similar to Ethereum, but faster and safer, designed to be used in Java, with a usable code of use, which makes the approach friendly to those who start ideas and projects with blockchain

The TPoS (Takamaka Proof of Stake) consensus protocol provides access to the network to investors, node supporters and stakeholders, and a constant reward, which indirectly give users a fast and secure network, easy to program, that can permanently transact up to 1,200,000 Tx/h.

In this sense, the Takamaka blockchain is calibrated on a defined volume of estimated transactions that meets the needs of companies, where high performance and certain costs for the execution of intelligent contracts are required.

To all intents and purposes, Takamaka is a native TPoS "Takamaka Proof of Stake". It is cryptographically secure and with a new chain selection rule, which allows new and offline participants to join the blockchain, using only the reliable copy of the genesis block and the client, without further advices, such as checkpoints or assumptions about past availability (knowledge of the entire history of the chain).

The Takamaka protocol is independent of both the maximum network delay and the minimum or maximum level of stake availability. It is developed to address an arbitrary number of problems to the nodes (network problems, restarts or operating system updates, errors on the network interface and the system clock) that may not be fully operational, although actively engaged in maintaining the Network, transactions and validating Smart Contracts.

Takamaka Payment


A partire dall'inizio del 2020 il Wallet sarà disponibile
su Apple Store, Play Store e GitHub.
I sorgenti sia del wallet che della main net saranno resi Open Source.

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