Low and fixed costs

Low and fixed costs

TakaMaka manages two simultaneous coins, one called Green Coin (TKG), the other called Red Coin (TKR). The first coin is standard, necessary for the operation of the PoS and to ensure the longevity of the blockchain; the second one is stable anchored to the dollar, for value transfers and payment of transaction costs.

The TKG is generated directly by the mining activity on the Takamaka chain. With the TKG, the reward of the mining activity and transactions is paid, but you can also create and manage Smart Contracts and get a reward from the mining activities; the TKG is divisible up to 9 decimal digits.

Thanks to TKG it is possible:

  • to pay transaction fees
  • to calculate the weight of the chain
  • to bet on a node to turn it from a replica node into a mining node

The Red Token (TKR) has the same functions as the Green Token (TKG): it pays fees, it activates transactions and Smart Contracts, but it is not involved in mining and unlike the Green Token is stable, the Red Token value never changes and is always guaranteed by AiliA SA1 in a ratio of 1:1 with the dollar.

The Red Token guarantees the stability and certainty of the management costs of both transactions and Smart Contracts, providing precise and non-variable estimates for constant gas operations, parameterizing those in which the size of the data on the number of operations and the amount of resources to be used for the execution of Smart Contracts varies.

Both tokens are Utility, but while the Red Token can only be purchased on the AiliA marketplace, the Green Token can be purchased on the forthcoming Exchanges. Thanks to the TKR it is possible to pay transaction fees, it is created only once, within block Zero.

Takamaka Payment


A partire dall'inizio del 2020 il Wallet sarà disponibile
su Apple Store, Play Store e GitHub.
I sorgenti sia del wallet che della main net saranno resi Open Source.

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