With the beginning of April we want to sum up the state of the art of Takamaka.

We want to share with you part of the main points of interest, the development and progress of our technology.


As of last month anyone can browse the blockchain and notice the increment of the individual blocks, the respective hash, the number of slots, but especially the date and time of each forged.  ---

 Block explorer searches can be done not only by the public key or hash number, but also by writing the name of a file, a photo or any other digital resource, previously uploaded via a simple transaction. Once located the “uploading transaction”, it is possible to verify the message, the public key, the hash and the timestamp of said transaction. --

You can visit the Testnet Block Explorer at this address here, write the word Purgatorio (which in Italian means “Purgatory”) and you will see the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

In the next paragraphs we will explain how to be able to use the Wallet, available for Desktop and in the near future for both iOS and Android, and the Takamaka blockchain to its full potentials.


Now you should know that Takamaka technology is a fully proven Pos (Proof of Stake) built from scratch, on which we have spent a lot of time improving and testing.

Anyone can interact with the network in different ways, right starting from the Wallet.

We have developed an updated version of the Wallet, V.0.1.2, which has led us to make several improvements over the first release.

First of all we improved the user experience, optimizing the graphics and adding other buttons, absent in version V.0.1, which have accelerated the use and the logical flow.

The new version comes in a simple and intuitive format. If you are familiar with the first release it will look very similar in term of interface but, it has been improved with several new and useful features.

The Wallet is divided into 4 functional areas:

Manage Stake
Load Texts or Files

The implementation that we are most proud if is the upload of files and documents, which allows to write a message, with no limitations in length, in a blob transaction to a blockchain address.

Browsing the test block explorer, at https://testexplorer.takamaka.dev/listtransactions , you will find the press release you are reading now.

You can search for it by title ( APRIL2020 TakamakaPressRelease) or by entering the public key of the recipient of the transaction: pZXkfjgCo9xg0c-v5naixsdhZY9YEqcCai0oY_ebBYI.

Start your user experience from HERE. Download the wallet version compatible with your operating system. Your feedback will certainly be appreciated.

Need tokens for testing? Make a request on our Telegram channel ( ITA: https://t.me/takamaka_io_ita // ENG: https://t.me/takamaka_io ), send us your public key and we will send some test Token directly to your wallet.


At the beginning of our project we created some ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum Network for people believing in US, called H2T coin. In a couple of days all the H2T Coin tokens, the ERC-20 mentioned above, are going to be burned. Who had already purchased these tokens will automatically receive a 1:1 conversion to TKG (Takamaka Green), directly in their wallet.

TKG and TKR, the two tokens operating on the Takamaka Network, can be purchase on Takamaka.io and soon on some Cryptocurrencies Exchanges, where it will be possible to both buy The Token with FIAT (Eur or Dollar) and sell The Token receiving FIAT (Eur or Dollar) in return.

The TKG will have an initial value of $ 2.30 and it will be mainly used to make staking (earning token correlated to the amount bet on a Node) , pay transactions and Smart contracts.

The TKR, stable and always worth $1, allows you to do everything the TKG does, except staking.


Starting from May we will start the Beta-Test phase for smart contracts.

For the moment we cannot give you further information, but we just want to let you know that from May the Smart Contract Test phase will be key points of our agenda. Our goal is to complete the last phase of development and release the technology within the first half of the year 2020.

We will be more specific on our next Press Release. During that time we will certainly give further feedback and and keep you up to date with the project.


You may have also noticed that COVID-19 has changed not only our way of working and staying together, but also our way of socializing and community-building.

Our plan to start development groups in Italy and Europe is unchanged, we have already agreements with managers, engineers and people interested in the project, with the intent of expanding the Takamaka community.

Not only Italy, Switzerland, Poland, but now also Germany (BERLIN) has been added to the White List of countries in which we are building and supporting Takamaka communities.

If you are a developer, an engineer, an enthusiast, an accelerator and you are interested in opening a Takamaka Hub, you can visit one of our social media channels and contact us.

In July we will be present at the Summit Blockchain Week Rome 2020.

See you in ROME !