Takamaka solves the problems of Governance of both the public and distributed Blockchain, and the execution of Smart Contracts, with particular attention to enterprise environments.

Takamaka introduces an innovative Proof Of Stake solution, which allows a high degree of transaction reliability under normal working conditions (1,000,000 Tx/h). In this context, the verification process and the Blockchain algorithm permit the realisation of a self-financing network and the creation of a digital currency for the organization of the Blockchain reward system, which evolves and not influenced by foreign actors.

We have the ability to accurately estimate the number of operations and the amount of resources needed for the execution of Smart Contracts, provide accurate and non-variable estimates for constant gas operations and parameterize for those where the size of the data varies. The idea behind this structure is to enable budget planners and writers of intelligent contracts to know and plan the costs with a high degree of accuracy.

Takamaka is a free, open source third generation Blockchain, with a high degree of security and reliability, high performance, with Smart Contract execution and entirely developed in JAVA.