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It’s impossible to talk about investments and finance in 2022 without mentioning the words crypto, blockchains and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The crypto world has become synonymous with the new decade. Major investments in cryptocurrencies and NFTs are on the news nearly every single day, and in India it’s no different: in 2020...

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We believe that understanding THE RELATION BETWEEN HUMANS AND TECHNOLOGY is key to development of future technologies in every application field. Be it finance, security, energy, mobility, health, learning, or entertainment.

This is the time to design technologies based on human behaviours and needs, on the way We live and interact with each other. This is the time for technology to be positive. This is the time for a NEW INTERPRETATION OF TRUST.

Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen


The company issues TKR against acceptance and deposit by the customer of a predetermined amount of fiat money (e.g. TKR 1 = USD 1). These customer claims take the form of deposits (cf. Art. 1 para. 2 of the FederalAct on Banks and Savings (BA) and Art. 5 of the Federal Ordinance on Banks and Savings (BO)).<br>Therefore the TKR qualifies as a deposit within the meaning of the BA, with the consequence that the Company is only allowed to accept deposits from the public for a total amount of up to CHF 1 million, does not carry out transactions on interest differences and before they make the deposit, informs its clients in writing or in another form that allows proof that it is not subject to FINMA supervision and that the deposit is not included in the deposit guarantee. <br>Deposits tied to fiat currency accepted against the issuance of TKRs shall be deposited in a single bank account accessed in the name of the Company. The Company shall have no authority to draw on the funds in that bank account for business needs, except to reimburse customers holding TKRs should they wish to return them to the Company in order to get their deposits back.

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"Takamaka is a valley on the French island of Réunion where a network of waterfalls flows into a river. This is similar to Takamaka´s smart contracts, i.e. separate objects collaborating on a global storage shared in the blockchain.”

20 18
17 April 2018

Acquisition of Ailia sagl

AiliA Sagl is purchased by Mario Carlini who decides to undertake the development of a cryptocurrency that was really usable and had tangible applications.

20 18
24 August 2018

Contract with the University of Verona

A research contract is defined between the Depar text-centertment of Computer Science of the University of Verona, and AiliA sagl. The purpose of this agreement is the development of the Java library "TakaMaka" for the creation of smart contracts that can be checked statically.

20 19
1 January 2019

AiliA becomes SA

AiliA becomes SA and moves its headquarters to Zug, in the heart of the Crypto Valley.

20 19
1 March 2019

Release of the Blockchain Test Network

The blockchain test network will be released, where the first tests will be carried out.

20 19
19 June 2019

Contract with the University of Trento

A research contract is defined between the Depar text-centertment of Mathematics of the University of Trento, and AiliA SA. The purpose of this agreement is verify and implement cryptography algorithms and protocols.

20 19
25 October 2019

Release of the Blockchain Production Network

The Blockchain production Network is released.

20 20
Summer 2020

Release of Takamaka

Takamaka, Java framework for the development of smart contracts, is released.

20 21
17 June 2021

VQF Certification

Takamaka has obtained VQF Certification

20 22
Early 2022

Hotmoka on Testnet

Implementation of Hotmoka for smart contracts with Takamaka library on the Testnet

20 22
Summer 2022


The marketplace is released allowing the buy/sale of NFT registered on Takamaka

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Team member
Chief Executive Officer

Mario Carlini

Entrepreneur since the early 90's, has always dealt with international trade, specifically between China and Europe, where he was able to learn and technological flows, already from its beginnings. He founded AiliA SA, with a focus on IT services and innovation processes in blockchain and AI technologies. In 2017 he founded Takamaka.

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Team member
Chief Technical Officer

Giovanni Antino

Giovanni Antino has a degree in computer science from the University of Verona. From the beginning he works as a systems engineer and as a software developer and designer. Thanks to his wide network in the IT world, in 2015 he approaches the blockchain tecnolgy that soon becomes his greatest passion, but also a technological challenge represented by the different mathematical problems that characterize it. In 2017 he joins AiliA SA

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Davide Cordioli

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Fausto Spoto
Innovation and research

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Andrea Belvedere
press release

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Marina Bottinelli

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Fulvio Magni

Team member name

Lars Schlichting
senion advisor

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Isacco Borsani
Blockchain integration specialist


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