Make payments in Stablecoin , stake your loot, create your personal Tokens and upload digital files

White Paper


Takamaka's algorithm is a PoS which allows anyone to stake TKG

The stakes from the wallet are revalued every eight days and eight hours and a reward is automatically added to the balance of the staker.

It will always be possible to cancel the stakes with no time constraints because in Takamaka there is no freezing.

Smart contracts

Create your own token or boost your productivity with automised smart contract on Takamaka network. SC's are class/jar files and contain the necessary command lines, which are sent to the network for execution.

Everything is programmable in Java, one of the most popular programming languages in the world, which minimise learning time and costs.


The Takamaka Wallet is a cryptographic open source wallet with a high level of security. In addition to staking it allows to upload files on the network both encrypted and not.

Upload your favourite files, photos or video on Takamaka chain and keep them safe and available forever.

qTESLA Security

QTESLA is a family of post-quantum digital signature schemes which allows Takamaka to be immune by Quantum Computer attacks
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Consent on the network, creation of new blocks and stacking are all managed by a new T-POS algorithm
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Stability and certainty of the management costs of both transactions and Smart Contracts, providing precise and consistent operation costs
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