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Easy to use, efficient and open source technology based on JAVA

Tracking and Tracing products

Supply Chain

... has never been easier!

Goods traceability can benefit enormously from blockchain technology, both in terms of costs and performances.

Thats why Takamaka, alongside its Partners, is bringing together IoT devices and blockchain in order to create talkative objects which interact with the network.


Automated workflow

Its easy to programme information distribution and initiate flow management processes thanks to the certainty provided by Blockchain and the use of Smart Contracts (SC).

Management and delivery of services can all be automatise keeping the security standard of the blockchain technology

Data are essential and acquires a central, economic and immutable value for those who possess it.

Hash and much more


... and anything you want!

Not only hash, Upload entire works or documents on the network in PDF, JPG, DOCX etc directly from your Takamaka Wallet App.

This opens up a new world for copyright, patent and certification registration, land register and many others applications.

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Brand token

Takamaka offers open source tools that allow any developer, company or simple enthusiast to generate a Token branded on Takamaka stable coin, the TKR.

The branded token can be spent within the shop or company that issued it or can be exchanged for equivalent TKR based tokens

Takamaka, Blockchain revolution for Enterprise


Link your Smart Contract directly with external data by interacting with Oracles that interrogates API.

The Takamaka Oracle is functional and easy to program, useful for not only enterprise solutions but for many automated call to action.

Telegram example Twitter example


Hotmoka is Takamaka 2nd layer, allowing instant interactions and the construction of lightfast Smart Contracts
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Verify transactions by entering public keys, memos or entire sentences. It works exactly as a search engine Make your own explorer by using our api web services!
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Guides and Github

Examples, codes and guides for initiating ideas and projects are accessible on Takamaka GitHub and are updated constantly
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