23.09.20 September — Press Release

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Back in August, we released some news regarding our technological developments and the arrival of new members on the development team.

With the September press release, we want to focus on information regarding the economic and financial aspect of the project, and share some news that we believe will certainly please you.

Technicians and engineers are working hard on the release of smart contracts, whose beta version will be launched by the end of September. Meanwhile, the Swiss Senate finally approved the “Blockchain Act”. Mario Carlini, CEO of Ailia SA, commented on the news:

“Good news for Switzerland: the country strengthened its financial law for the blockchain industry.

In this regard, we at Ailia SA aim to be among the first to provide a comprehensive service for companies and industries that use TAKAMAKA blockchain.

Through the management of two coins — one of which is stable, namely the TKR token linked to the USD — the company has begun the application for a fintech license (banking services) and the legal use of the TKR.

Mario Carlini’s statements are clear: Takamaka wants to obtain an authorization from Finma (Swiss financial regulator) and offer banking services to the blockchain ecosystem; in other words, become a fully regulated bank for digital assets.

With this in mind, the admission of Lars Schlichting on the board of Takamaka, as a Senior Advisor, is noteworthy.

Lars Schlichting

Lawyer and cryptocurrency specialist, as well as very knowledgeable about regulatory matters, taxation and blockchain, Lars Schlichting has extensive experience as an expert in regulatory matters, taxation and new technologies.

Among his major achievements is the introduction of processes for online customer identification and authorization request for FinTech companies.

We firmly believe that his deep knowledge of blockchain technology and law, combined with the needs of the community, will allow Lars to highlight the true value of this project, creating new business opportunities and financial partners.

A DeFi Bank

Although DeFi platforms are rapidly becoming the most used ones in the blockchain ecosystem, more and more people are looking for — and slowly discovering — alternative investment strategies capable of increasing the potential of decentralized finance and the competition with traditional banks.

Here at Takamaka, we firmly believe that many traditional financial services should be reconsidered and repurposed in favor of a combined economy for traditional digital assets: our efforts for a fully regulated digital asset bank go in this direction.

We are confident that Takamaka Bank will represent an important step towards the mainstream adoption of digital assets in regulated finance, capable of creating a new financial paradigm.


Finally, an update on our wallet.

After all our hard work, we have finally built a new desktop wallet, with many improvements and a very user-friendly interface, which will make your experience in Takamaka pleasant and effective.

This new wallet will be available soon, downloadable directly from the website. It will complement our mobile wallets, already available and downloadable from the Stores.

Our commitment goes on, to achieve all the targets we set and provide the community, the industry and now also the world of finance with a comprehensive product, capable of delivering a wide range of solutions.

For more information on Takamaka’s features and to stay updated on the latest news, visit and follow us on social platforms.


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