TakaMaka is a free, native, third-generation, open source Blockchain, with a high degree of security and reliability, highly performing, with Smart Contract execution and entirely developed in JAVA.

Extremely scalable, it meets the needs of enterprise environments where high performance and well defined, predictable, costs are required for the execution of smart contracts.

TakaMaka is, for all intents and purposes, a native PoS "Proof of Satke", cryptographically secure and with a new chain selection rule, which allows new participants and offline ones to join the Blockchain through bootstrap, using only the client and a reliable copy of the genesis block. No further assets are needed for synchronization to take place, such as checkpoints, or hypotheses concerning past availability (knowledge of the entire history of the chain).

While in Proof Of Work solutions, miners invest the computing power to compete, be chosen to mine the next block and win a prize for doing so, in Proof of Stake (PoS), it is the stakeholder that creates the next block.

The main advantages of our Proof of Stake algorithm are mainly identifiable in energy efficiency and security, while the ease and accessibility of the network encourages users to set and maintain nodes.

Although the stake acts as an economic incentive that discourages the validation or creation of fraudulent transactions, the TakaMaka protocol is independent of both the maximum network delay and the minimum and / or maximum level of stake availability, and is developed to deal with an arbitrary number of problems on the part of the nodes (network problems, restarts or updates of the operating system, errors on the network interface and the system clock) which may not be fully operational, although actively engaged in maintaining the Network, transactions and validation of Smart Contracts.