Token creators often delegate their distribution to exchanges or OTC sales, however, if the token is utility who creates it (whether company or merchant), they should not underestimate the possibility of distributing it in a user's Wallet by harnessing the potential of social interaction, thanks to automated bots.

Takamaka's bots are Java microservices dedicated to controlling user interaction on social media, built with precise rules decided by the issuing company. 

Each social channel (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...) has different rules and specific access points; through bots, a unified bulletin board is created that allows for tracking of mentions, grouping of events in dashboards, and disbursement of tokens that reward user interaction.

Basically, the more you participate in initiatives and support the work of the company, the more you are rewarded with utility tokens to spend in the "circuit," creating a circular and virtuous process.

Takamaka bots for social monitoring

The social monitoring and token distribution solution in Takamaka, is implemented through customized bots capable of generating data to be integrated into lead conversion verification tools.

Lead is the step that allows the company to distribute its utility tokens and convert visitors and supporters into actual contacts and fans of the product.

Each social channel requires accreditation and a valid API key, the same APIs that are currently used for advanced marketing services.

Channel monitoring is implemented with a service that stays listening and registers to receive notifications from the source, interacting with Bots.

Social interactions and the rewards in Token.


How will a merchant or company be able to distribute utility tokens ?

Tokens are given away through social interaction, thanks to automated bots that track and collect positive feedback.

An enterprise dashboard will make it possible to track public interest in a promotional campaign and the propagation across the network of tokens in the wallet, simply by tracking the public key of the wallet.

In the case of positive feedback in favor of the company or merchant, users are rewarded by the bots, with utility tokens that will be distributed directly by the issuer.

The merchant will be able to know which interactions are best in favor of a campaign or promotion, but also to know when interest in a particular activity is lost and where and when tokens are spent.

Takamaka tokens backed by Stablecoin.

Tokens are more liquid than cash and as traceable as a traditional credit card, are a representation that can make anything belonging to the real world usable on blockchain and fragment movable and immovable assets such as tickets, gaming, vouchers, NFTs and shopping vouchers etc. 

In Takamaka, tokens can be generated by first purchasing $TKR (Red Token), which is digital money that is always worth $1, backed by FIAT and deposited at AiliA sa's bank.

Utility tokens are exchangeable between Takamaka wallets and with $TKR, which effectively allows these tokens to have an always-defined economic countervalue.


Takamaka is not only a fully programmable technology in Java, but a set of technology, artificial intelligence, and financial tools, brought together in one project.

We are building a blockchain-based technology that is as accessible and friendly as possible to developers, companies, and speculators in crypto finance, to provide an immediate and accessible experience that can reset barriers to entry and propel your business into the blockchain.

What about you, do you already have an idea of how to deploy your utility tokens ?

Stay Tuned.

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