02.02.20 Press Release

Someone asks us what stage our project has now reached.
Well, I reply the child grows and gets stronger and stronger.

We are accelerating the development of several aspects that are making Takamaka really a great project. Firstly, the development of our website graphics is complete, with a new, modern and functional look. You can browse and view all the news directly at

We are actually testing the wallet, that will really allow us to do a lot of things.

You can securely store cryptographic money, buy tokens directly from the wallet with cuts of up to EUR 5000, see all transactions through Block Explorer browser and search quickly for documents inside the blockchain, using the public key of the transaction or entering the name of the document. So you’ve got it right! Takamaka blockchain allows you to upload documents up to a maximum of 6 Mb per Slot, perform precise searches and facilitate transactions with qTesla between wallets and nodes, or wallets and wallets.

Finally, thanks to your wallet you will be able to stake on a Takamaka blockchain node and receive weekly Green token prizes!

What else...? There is much more, but you will find it out in the next updates.

We are almost there with fully programmable Java SmartContracts. One more month of hard work and continuous testing, then we will release the first product version and give the possibility to program new business models directly on Takamaka.

Important partnerships with both Italian and foreign universities are underway, in order to bring our nodes on the university network and allow them to have a physical node on which to experiment and test the blockchain.

Active collaborations with researchers for the project development and its corrective implementation are taking place. The Department Council has approved Java SCs programming and Blockchain courses at the University of Verona from September 2020. We work closely with Community developers, currently located in Italy, Switzerland and Poland.

Thanks to them we try to train active young developers, issue certifications and grow the number of communities. Soon we want to start operational projects on the blockchain. Of course there is a place for you, too!

Stay tuned!


Takamaka Payment


Takamaka's official wallet is available now on the Play Store, Apple Store and Github. The sources of both the wallets and the main net will be made open source soon.

Buy tokens here to operate on the blockchain