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Takamaka is a new operational tool, which offers the chance to work in a technological fieldand integrate new areas, previously only imagined.

History teaches us that some of the most important and representative technological innovations were real earthquakes for many economic sectors.

For example the advent of electricity drastically reduced the use of candles bringing a considerable amount of benefits, as well as the birth of the internal combustion engine, or Internet, which has revolutionized the world of telecommunications, changing almost entirely the way we do information and entertainment.

Throughout history these accelerations have left many “victims" in the field, but they have allowed the birth of the new world as we know it today.

In the last two decades, technology and Internet have accelerated global developments, leading to the creation of billionaire companies that have changed not only the rules of the game, but also our lifestyle.

In this context it is possible to foresee the advent of new high-impact startups, where growth and billionaire valuations will create new global giants, see for example Google, Facebook, Netflix that have transformed the world in which we live, in a very short time.

Now we believe that it’s up to the blockchain to create a new paradigm and we are sure: now it is time for Takamaka to change the rules of the game!

Mario Carlini

Two years ago, I took my first approach to the blockchain technology. I was able to appreciate the innovative concepts and imagine large-scale implementations. But I had to change my mind when I tried to apply the blockchain method to a new business model, coming across cumbersome programming and development processes, costs never certain, an exasperating slowness and a total lack of scalability. — MARIO CARLINI — C.E.O. AILIA SA

This is how Mario Carlini, C. E. O. of AiliA SA, met the blockchain, but instead of discouraging himself and throwing in the towel, he decided to build and shape a tailor-made one, available to everyone, that could solve many problems of the current programmable chains.

I decided to create a new blockchain that would solve all the problems of the current programmable chains, starting from what others have done.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I spoke about my idea to my current collaborators and project engineers and started a partnership with the universities of Verona and Trento: thanks to them I built the Takamaka project.

At first I thought it was not a viable idea, but then I thought it could really work, and now the achievement is exactly what I wanted: a blockchain with features never seen in other applications, with certain costs, with a warranty of up to 10,000 Tx per slot [30sec. ].

I am sure, it is definitely what the world of business and industry was waiting for. When someone asks where the project idea comes from, the team replies that Takamaka is more than just a blockchain. Through transaction speed and programming features, Takamaka conceptually overcomes the current blockchains and their consensus algorithms. All is exhaustively described in the White Paper and presented on

Takamaka started from an intrinsic need to solve a problem, which then became a question: how many and which are the blockchain projects used on a large scale by companies today?

Takamaka’s technology is very complex and a lot of work has been done to achieve the goal. It is the result of an in-depth analysis of the solutions found by others: we took the best from them, partly copying it, partly “redesigning” and adapting it to our needs.

The most promising and brilliant minds on the Italian academic scene work in Takamaka team.

Professor Nicola Fausto Spoto, expert in software analysis and verification ( in particular code written in object-oriented languages) has made the use of native Java as a smart contract language possible, it is a real revolution.

Professor Massimiliano Sala of the University of Trento has provided for the re-analysis of the most complex and delicate part of the project: the cryptography and the consensus algorithm.

Our software developers, Giovanni Antino and Francesco Pasetto, experts in blockchain and cryptography, have designed and developed Takamaka’s layers: from Proof-of-Stake, to the consensus algorithm, to Networking and cryptography.

In short, Takamaka comes from a deep and careful Know-How and each expert involved speaks passionately about the technology used and firmly believes in its potential.


In recent years we have focused our attention on the study and functional analysis of most of the blockchain technologies. It was discouraging to find out that there was not any common platform that could allow us to develop a modern idea of code. We also had the opportunity to talk to other developers, start-ups and companies that expressed the same point of view. — FRANCESCO PASETTO, Senior blockchain developer


Takamaka is the answer to all our doubts, we are aware that we have really realized a project that reflects business needs, but that also winks at the academic world in general. Thanks to our consensus algorithm we are sure to offer a new experience and high safety standards — GIOVANNI ANTINO, PoS Specialist CTO.

Without a doubt, Takamaka runs to become a new technological model, on which to develop and test new areas and new business models, a bridge between the modern world and the blockchain filed, where you can define new projects and new experiences.


We would like to think of Takamaka as the new generation blockchain 3. 0 that will allow companies a new level of interaction between the real and the blockchain world, a protocol with high transfer and safety performances, which will finally afford the blockchain to become mainstream. — DAVIDE CORDIOLI, Advisor

The future is now!
Stay tuned.

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